Prenatal & Postpartum Support Groups

A mother is born 

A support group for new moms and their babies

Are you a new mother who is feeling overwhelmed by the demands of motherhood? Join a warm, supportive and educational environment with other new moms to navigate the challenges and joys that occur in the transition to motherhood. This group is suitable for women new to therapy and for those who would like support from a group.

Topics of discussion may include:

  • Creating space for the full range of emotions that are present for each mom
  • The push and pull of wanting your baby close while craving personal space and freedom
  • Maternal mental health and infant sleep
  • Fantasy vs. reality in motherhood
  • Work-Life-Family balance
  • Taking time to care for and nurture self
  • Changes in relationship with partner after baby and finding a new normal

….and more!

**Groups are held on Thursdays, please call to inquire about available times**