Individual Therapy

I provide individual therapy for women who are struggling with a variety of challenges including:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • life transitions
  • postpartum and prenatal adjustment
  • maternal mental health
  • parenting
  • relationship problems
  • job dissatisfaction and related stress

Regardless of the unique challenges you are facing, my commitment is to join with you in your journey towards a more meaningful and satisfying life. My approach is compassionate and collaborative, helping you learn new skills and behaviors that will ultimately move you in a direction that is deeply meaningful and valuable in your life.

Whether you are facing the challenges associated with being a new mother, embarking on a major life transition, or are unsatisfied in your job or relationship; my goal is to help you learn to unhook from painful thoughts and feelings in a way that makes them less influential on your life. Meanwhile, clarifying what is most important to you so you have the knowledge and tools to move in a valued direction.